On The Macro Show this morning, I walked through what I'm going to do with the Kiddie Pool pin action (1st 20 mins of NYC trading)...

Coaching Notes:

1. I'm going to sell-SOME Gold on the Rates Down move (because I'd been grossing it up for a week!)

2. I'm going to sell-SOME of the SHY (1-3yr Treasuries) my #VASP Signal had me buying in our Asset Allocation (Portfolio Solutions) product prior to the CPI print 

3. I'm going to start "Shorting Stuff" (that I covered on red in RTA)

2-3 days ago most of the whining was about "why long Gold"... I'll hear crickets on that topic today and LOTs about other things.

Is what it is...

The only thing you can do is make the #NextPlay based on the plays YOU made prior,


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