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During this special HedgeyeTV event\, six Hedgeye analysts will pitch one of their \;high-convic tion stock ideas \;(long \;or \;short) to our Risk-Manager-In- Chief \;Keith McCullough< /span> \;who will evaluate the setup live.

The Pitch \ ;is a fan-favorite\, alpha-generating webcast that gives you an inside look at how hedge funds decide what positions to put on. Best of all\, our analysts pitch their \;actual \;Best Ideas\, breaking down th eir Long (or Short) calls in real-time. \;

Here's the li neup from this edition:

  1. China analyst \;< b>Felix Wa ng< /span>
  2. REITs an alyst \;Rob Simone
  3. Healthcare analyst \;Tom Tobin
  4. Industrial analyst \ ;Jay Van Sciver
  5. Retail analyst \;Jeremy McClean
  6. Consumer Staples analyst \;Daniel Bi olsi \;

This webc ast is a must-see if you’\;re interested in constructing an alpha-gen erating\, long-short equity portfolio.