VIDEO: Hedgeye Top 5 … ‘The Most Consensus Long Position In All of Macro Is…’


Pressed for time? Check out our Top 5 Clips of the Day. This highlight reel features some of the best segments from The Macro Show today. In this edition, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough covers:


  • The implications and the why behind the Euro being the most consensus long position in all of macro
  • Why most of our favorite short calls right now are related to falling inflation
  • Why the hedge fund universe’s other favorite long call… U.S. Treasuries, is exactly the wrong position to have for this market environment
  • What’s next for gold prices and how to trade it
  • What our Defense analyst Lt. Gen Emerson "Emo" Gardner USMC Ret. thinks about the Trump administration signing a $350 billion economic agreement that will include $110 billion in military sales to the Saudis over the next ten years


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