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In every Real-Time Alerts Live session, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough gives commentary on all open signals in Real-Time Alerts, then takes subscriber Q&A, doling out analysis on securities, commodities, management teams, and providing Risk Ranges.

Real-Time Alerts gives McCullough's very own Buy|Sell|Cover stock and ETF signals, emailed to you directly from Keith. Each signal is backed by his quantitative Risk Range model and is hand-selected from the best ideas of our 40+ bottom-up Equity research analyst team. Essentially, you get inside access to knowing when Keith "hits the button" or pulls the trigger on a new long or short position.

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Keith McCullough's proprietary Risk Ranges were developed during his years as a hedge fund manager, and use a quantitative model that helps you buy low and sell high on a variety of stocks and ETFs. Want to learn more about Keith's Risk RangesCLICK HERE

Real-Time Alerts Live Recap | May 13, 2021 - real time alerts