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Below is an excerpt from a complimentary research note by our Healthcare Team of Tom TobinWilliam McMahon, and Justin Venneri. We are pleased to announce our new Sector Pro Product Health Care Pro. Click HERE to learn more.

Hedgeye Healthcare | Position Monitor & Watchlist Company Updates ($EXAS, $NVTA) - Gen Testing Cartoon

EXAS remains a Best Idea Short - There should be some relief for the stock today based on the drawdown heading into earnings.

EXAS expects re-opening to be a net positive for Cologuard as wellness visits resume, and sales effort regains access to physician offices.

They are also expecting to improve the rate of patients who return after their 3 year interval, something that has been very slow to develop.

The guide was inline for 2021 and EXAS' focus seems split between Cologuard, assumed to be positive, and Thrive and the blood-based cancer testing opportunity, where EXAS is taking a conservative and measured view, also known as long and expensive.

NVTA remains on our watchlist and in MicroQuad 2; we're working hard to see if we can get this over the line, so to speak.

There were some pricing problems in 1Q21, and while we want to get this over the line, it's been a bit of a bear to work on. Based on what was said about 1Q21, we think NVTA could have a huge 2Q21, but that may or may not be a surprise.

They also have an MRD test in the works courtesy and are trying to bolster personalized testing (recently acquired Genosity).

Hedgeye Healthcare | Position Monitor & Watchlist Company Updates ($EXAS, $NVTA) - nvta1