Takeaway: This webcast aired live on Monday May 10th, 2021

During this special HedgeyeTV event, six veteran Hedgeye analysts pitch one of their high-conviction stock ideas (long or short) to our Risk-Manager-In-Chief Keith McCullough who evaluates the set-up live.

Joining Keith:

  • Retail analyst Brian McGough pitches a name in the athletic space. With a new vision, growth algorithm, gross margin expansion, and upcoming stock repurchases, the Hedgeye Retail team has this stock drastically beating consensus estimates. 
  • Communications analyst Andrew Freedman pitches a beaten up name in the media space with significant exposure to an economic reopening, and an attractive catalyst setup as we head into the summer months.
  • Healthcare analyst Will McMahon pitches a diagnostic company with an industry-leading number of peer reviewed publications and a noteworthy head start in an emerging market opportunity within the space.
  • Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver pitches a new large cap industrial long, a manufacturer’s manufacturer, and one of the best businesses the Hedgeye Industrials team covers.
  • Consumables analyst Howard Penney is diving into the cannabis space with the team's newest idea they see doubling... or even tripling from here.
  • Technology analyst Ami Joseph pitches a high-flier in software that has gone from super-hated to over-loved in the last 18 months. The Hedgeye Tech team shows you why it should be in your portfolio, and how to avoid some of the excess expectations causing it to wallow temporarily. 

As anyone who's watched The Pitch knows, you don't miss The Pitch.