Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Retail analyst Brian McGough.

The PLBY brand has been taken in a new direction, the new management team is taking the brand back to its roots. The magazine and media business has since been closed down during covid, but investment continues to make the brand relevant with younger consumers of all genders and is making waves amongst influencers. It’s laid the groundwork over the course of 3-years, and we’re finally starting to see it manifest in financial results today.

This is a money-maker like I haven’t seen since RH at $40 (now pushing $600). We issued a research report this past weekend to Institutional and RetailPro subscribers outlining why at $25, the recently de-SPAC’d PLBY Group is a 10-bagger, and is egregiously misunderstood and mis-modeled on many levels. The stock had a good week since our call, up 44% as of last night. But I literally think that the stock should be a double from its current level TODAY as the price-discovery process evolves, and is more likely than not to hit $100 within 12 months. $250 over a TAIL duration, and I think that might even be low.

CHART OF THE DAY: Bunny Money = 10-Bagger - plby2