THE PITCH: 6 Hedgeye Analysts. 6 Stock Ideas. 60 Minutes.

04/15/21 11:54AM EDT

During this special HedgeyeTV event, six veteran Hedgeye analysts pitch one of their high-conviction stock ideas (long or short) to our Risk-Manager-In-Chief Keith McCullough who evaluates the set-up live.

Joining Keith:

  • Retail analyst Brian McGough (who's been red hot since his long Gamestop (GME) call back in December) will be bringing the goods on his latest Best Idea long call, Playboy (PLBY).
  • Health Policy analyst Emily Evans recently launched Health Policy Unplugged and has been hammering short Chamath's Clover Health (CLOV) for months. She has some thoughts on inflation's effect on the hospital sector, and is pitching short Universal Health Services (UHS) to take advantage of it.
  • Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin has been locked in on the pandemic's effect on stocks in his sector for over a year. Now he's ready to go with his newest reopening play on the long side that should benefit substantially from pent-up demand and the return of in-person care, National Vision Holdings (EYE).
  • Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver is diving into the infrastructure space (as apparently everything is infrastructure now) with his newest stock call, Armstrong World Industries (AWI).
  • Financials analyst Josh Steiner pitched his Best Idea long Fiserv (FISV) during the last edition of The Pitch, and it's up roughly +20% since then. He'll keep the ball rolling with another top payments idea, Paya Holdings (PAYA).
  • Technology analyst Ami Joseph is using the recent pullback in Software stocks to pitch Zendesk (ZEN), a "diamond in the rough" long play.

As anyone who's watched The Pitch knows, you don't miss The Pitch.

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