Takeaway: The Hedgeye Cannabis team will be hosting a call with Michael Auerbach, Chairman of The Parent Company, on April 14 at 10 AM EST.

Editor's Note: Below is a call invite for our Fireside Chat with Michael Auerbach, Chairman of The Parent Company. hosted by our Cannabis Team. If you interested in accessing the live event and materials, please click here for more details. 

Cannabis Invite | Fireside Chat With Michael Auerbach, Chairman of The Parent Company $GRAMF - hemp 5361983 1920

The decline in cannabis stocks and especially The Parent Company (GRAMF) has been painful. During this downturn, the industry fundamentals have only gotten stronger, with New York and other states opening up to medical and recreational sales. The SAFE Act was re-introduced and will likely make its way through the House and the Senate in short order, where it has several sponsors. 

$GRAMF also trades at a discount to others in the space due to its concentration in the California market. To some degree, the California cannabis market is miss understood. 

Since going recreational, the California 1.0 "green rush" led to some bad actors and poor handling of the rollout that lead to investors losing a significant amount of money.  In some respects, the California market is underserved and is moving into a new phase of growth or California 2.0. 

As a "mature market" there are 706 dispensary licensees in the state, leading to one dispensary for every 38,000 residents.  This is on par with other limited license states like AZ, MA, NV, MD, and FL.

Cannabis Invite | Fireside Chat With Michael Auerbach, Chairman of The Parent Company $GRAMF - GRAMF invite

So why the weakness in the industry?

We will discuss these and other issues with Michael Auerbach.  Michael is an entrepreneur, cannabis investor, business consultant, media producer, and private diplomat. He is the Founder of Subversive Capital, dedicated to investing in radical companies whose core missions subvert the status quo and require sophisticated government and regulatory strategies for success. Subversive Capital recently acquired The Parent Company, the Largest Vertically Integrated Omnichannel Cannabis Platform in California.

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