Takeaway: This audio podcast will be published on Thursday, April 15 by 11am ET.

The Call @ Hedgeye is our morning research call hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. The Call provides access to our entire team of 40+ research analysts discussing their favorite long and short ideas. You will not get this granular level of insight anywhere else.

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In this edition of The Call @ Hedgeye Plus:

  • Consumables analyst Howard Penney previews his speaker call tomorrow @10am. – 00:00:18
  • Consumables analyst Daniel Biolsi comments on Covid-19 vaccinations in California. – 00:02:06
  • Retail analyst Brian McGough flags Advance Auto Parts (AAP) and Duty Free (DUFRY). – 00:03:47
  • Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin updates on UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH). – 00:08:55
  • Healthcare Policy analyst Emily Evans reviews yesterday’s call on lab testing and then flags Clover Health Investments (CLOV). – 00:13:52
  • Financials analyst Josh Steiner comments on financial space earnings, notes the state of the housing shortage, and then updates on the crypto space. – 00:15:54
  • REITs analyst Rob Simone reviews Public Storage (PSA) and then flags prison REITS, highlighting The GEO Group (GEO). – 00:28:23
  • Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver updates on VW (VOW.DE) and Porsche (POAHY). – 00:32:35
  • Technology analyst Ami Joseph previews his call tomorrow @12:30pm on UiPath. – 00:37:09
  • Communications analyst Andrew Freedman explains his quarterly telecom institutional call. – 00:42:00
  • Telecom-Media Policy analyst Paul Glenchur notes pushback on the Biden infrastructure plan. – 00:45:56  

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