Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

I definitely don’t have all of the answers. And wow, do I have a LOT of #timestamped mistakes. But, what I do have, is my decision making #process… and a LOT of reps both executing on it and evolving it.

One answer I do have about life in markets is the secret to the universe. Yep, God put me on this good Earth to realize that it’s not the qualitative “valuation” opinions of men and women on ye Olde Wall – it’s calculus!

So why sell-SOME of that gross long exposure that you re-grossed last week? Why tighten your nets?

Nets? I’m not talking about fish or tickling the twine against the Smiths Falls Bears outside the chocolate (now turned pot) factory in my Canadian Junior Hockey League days. No, no, no. I’m talking tightening my NET exposure!

Ok, how do you do that?

A) My MAX net Long in Real-Time Alerts was 21-1 (as in 21 longs and 1 short with the 1 short being Gold)
B) Yesterday I tightened that up to 14 longs and 12 shorts, and I liked it

No, no, no. Don’t go there now. RTA is not a portfolio.

It’s a Fractal Signaling Tool that helps you see what I see, when I see it. It’s all about what’s happening on the margin. The Rate of Change. And that’s the thing about the universe, it’s non-linear, beautiful, and surprising.

CHART OF THE DAY: Yellow Lights = Sell Some - Chart of the Day