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Covid-19 Hospitalizations Are Improving - 11.16.2020 vaccine whale cartoon  3

Our vaccine(s) tracker continues to show an improvement in the target dates for reaching 50MM and 100MM doses administered given the recent acceleration in "jabs" to over 2MM/day (March 22nd and June 12th, respectively). 

Also, hospitalizations due to COVID-19 improved again. It feels like we're on the cusp of seeing the snapback materialize. 

Please continue to be smart out there and #MaskUp. $CVS's commentary was encouraging as pharmacies' involvement should help support higher average daily "jabs" with just the two mRNA vaccines available, for now. 

That is NOT a bad thing given the data seen our of Israel (if you didn't catch it, MUST read: Israel’s largest HMO finds vaccines 92% effective in preventing serious illness was the best news of the weekend:

"The survey by the Clalit Health Services HMO compared 600,000 fully vaccinated individuals — 170,000 over 60 and 430,000 between the ages of 16 and 59 — with 600,000 unprotected Israelis. Believed to represent the largest such study in the world to date, it found the vaccine to be highly protective from both symptomatic infections and serious symptoms, shoring up previous studies on the shots.").

The only "bad" thing is you need a bit of luck to get an appointment at any pharmacy.

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Covid-19 Hospitalizations Are Improving - nb2