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Booze Report | Texas Alcohol Sales Ramp Up → South Africa Lifts Ban  - 2 5 2021 10 58 49 AM

Texas on-premise alcohol beverage sales tick up 

Texas reports its alcoholic beverages sales tax receipts monthly. In January, alcoholic beverage receipts decreased by 27%. That represents a slight improvement from -29% in December, as seen in the chart below.

On-premise trends were improving before some states passed restrictions on bars and restaurants again.

In Texas, bars were shut down in mid-March, then allowed to re-open on May 22 with capacity limits. In late June, bars were shut down again, then allowed to re-open once again in October by county.

Bars were also allowed to reclassify as restaurants since June as long as food sales exceeded alcohol sales.

Booze Report | Texas Alcohol Sales Ramp Up → South Africa Lifts Ban  - tx1

South Africa lifts alcohol ban for the third time 

South Africa will now allow limited sales of alcohol after lifting its third ban on alcohol sales.

The South African President announced that alcohol sales would be permitted for licensed premises for offsite consumption from Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 6 PM. Premises licensed for onsite consumption are permitted during the week from 10 AM to 10 PM.

The latest ban on alcohol sales began on December 28. The government says the country has passed the peak of the second wave. South Africa also received its first million doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

A quarter of the country’s alcohol sales before the pandemic was estimated to be illicit, so the ban had limits. South African alcohol excise taxes decreased 28% YOY, with the three bans covering 20 weeks.

South Africa is the 12th largest beer consumer globally, and AB InBev has nearly 90% of the formal market share. South Africa also had the most COVID-19 infections and deaths on the continent.