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Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from Tuesday's edition of The Macro Show hosted by CEO Keith McCullough and Director of Research Daryl Jones.

McCullough: Forget Belief Systems, Make Money - macro1.12

The main reason why Bitcoin was down yesterday, was because the Dollar was up.

The people who don't know that are obviously macro unaware and don't have the data.

McCullough: Forget Belief Systems, Make Money - macro1.12 2 png

When the numbers have 9's in front of them and they're red, and the Dollar is up +0.8% (which is where you should've shorted more Dollars), it has an impact on almost everything. 

A 10-year yield move like this one is definitely rare - when you're at the top end of the range and then go vertical (a technical charting term).

McCullough: Forget Belief Systems, Make Money - macrotres

If you get rates right, you get a lot of these moves right; whether it be Gold, Gold Miners, Utilities, REITs (all shorts in #Quad2).

A lot of people have issues with this due to their belief systems in Gold or whatever; meanwhile, we don't get a lot of pushbacks on our short utilities position because there isn't any religion saying you should be short utilities

If you get rates right, you won't have to write an academic study on trying to be right.

Again, don't be right intellectually, make money. Put the puck in the back of the net.