Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from Friday's edition of The Macro Show hosted by Communications analyst Andrew Freedman and CEO Keith McCullough.

McCullough: Global #Quad2 - Picture14

In Asia, we’re talking RAGING… and I rarely use that word. It’s one thing for the market to be at a cycle high or an all-time high, it’s another thing for the $KOPSI to go up 4% from there.

This chart represents a technical pattern called "going vertical." Japan was up another 2.4% overnight. Even Singapore, which has been a dog for a while, was up 3%. Were they worried about the dude in Pelosi’s chair…? No! And who are they? “They” are the people with visceral, emotional, and political reactions to everything that happened on Monday and Wednesday. The machine doesn’t feel those… the machine is bigger than that.

I’ll show you some eye candy from our Q1 Macro Themes deck; folks the landscape has changed.

McCullough: Global #Quad2 - Picture15

Don’t confuse opinion with #process. The process front runs the machine, which is what took Dr. KOPSI and the Nikkei through the roof this week. And everything is bullish in #Quad2.

 McCullough: Global #Quad2 - Picture16

Quick update on how the quads are looking globally – just updated yesterday, we have Slide 20 from our Macro deck. And what do we see? Check out the Q1 2021 column. Every country is a 2 right now.

Global. Quad. 2.