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Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from Wednesday’s edition of The Macro Show hosted by Communications analyst Andrew Freedman and CEO Keith McCullough.

McCullough: Dollar Down, Commodities Up - DollarDown

If you get the Dollar right, you get everything else right, including inflation, and now the bond market.

Look at this Dollar chart… Stinky. Even the Polish Zloty looks awesome against the US Dollar. Educate yourself on this - when the Dollar goes down, everything in dollars goes up. Let’s show the inverse correlations one more time.

McCullough: Dollar Down, Commodities Up - Picture5

See those -0.91’s under the 90 Day? You don’t really need to read anything this morning, you just need to know the color and the number… it’s -0.91, -0.91, -0.91.

No s#!t Bitcoin is going to $34,000 and beyond, it’s at -0.91! I know people don’t want to talk about those numbers all the time, but we do.

McCullough: Dollar Down, Commodities Up - Picture6

This is very obviously inflation. Corn and copper both ripping to new highs, up 1.5% each after being overbought - that’s called a multi-standard deviation move.

You’ve been long this since June, don’t forget.