Sector Spotlight | Weekly Highlights From Industrials Analyst Jay Van Sciver

11/20/20 01:50PM EST

Hungry for more exclusive Hedgeye Sector research?

Watch below as veteran Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver gives critical updates within the Industrials sector that happened this week. From Tesla (TSLA) to the The Brink’s Company (BCO), get in the know with Jay, as he details essential sector updates to help you navigate market changes.

The clips below are installments from The Call @ Hedgeye earlier this week. The Call is an online, video presentation distilling our morning research call. Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough hosts the call with our 40-analyst research team. Click here to learn more!


Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver reviews his call on The Brink’s Company (BCO) and then updates on Tesla (TSLA).


Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver discusses transportation and gasoline consumption data.


Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver updates on transport data.

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