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Beer Sales Prepare For Further Lockdowns In Europe - 10 30 2020 10 37 31 AM

Heineken reported a sales update for Q3 on Wednesday. Heineken volumes increased 7.1% in the quarter, while overall beer volumes declined 1.9%.

Beer volume decreased 2.5% in AMEEE (vs. -15.9% in 1H), increased 2.5% in the Americas (vs. -15% in 1H), decreased 12.3% in APAC (vs. -4.7% in 1H), and decreased 2.4% in Europe (vs. -8.1% in 1H).

On-premise declined by 20% in Europe while off-premise increased HSD%, faster than the overall market in most countries. In Mexico, beer volume declined MSD% due to the shutdown and inventory shortages earlier in the quarter. In contrast, in the U.S., beer volume increased in the low-teens as distributors replenished inventories and on-premise improved.

Heineken brand volumes increased 28.8% in the Americas and DD% in the U.S. as Mexico resumed beer production. France and Germany are both planning on month-long shutdowns to turn the tide of COVID-19 cases.

Europe has a higher mix of on-premise at 35% than in the Americas. Heineken announced that it would look to reduce headcount in its headquarters and regional offices by 20% starting in Q1 to prepare for an extended period of volatility from the pandemic.

In contrast, Carlsberg raised its full-year earnings growth guidance yesterday from -HSD% to -MSD% after reporting Q3 results. Carlsberg sales declined 6.8% in Q3, improving from 16.9% in Q2.

Organic beer volumes increased 2.4% in Q3, with momentum continuing into Q4. Management cited improvements in Russia and China and cost-cutting providing enough visibility to raise expectations despite looming lockdowns.

We recently lowered BUD on our long bias list due to an outlook for further on-premise restrictions delaying the recovery that has been underway.