Takeaway: If you were unable to make the call today with Josh Trantum, PhD, replay with timestamps below. It was a great discussion!

This afternoon, Josh Trantum, Ph.D. and I had a thorough discussion about where things actually stand on approval of a vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We covered the three major areas of discussion within the vaccine community including the approval framework, oversight of trials and post-administration events as well as manufacturing and administration plans. Finally, we talked about what Dr. Fauci really meant yesterday.

To access the call:

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0-3:09  - Introductions

3:09 - 9:09 - FDA Vaccine and Biological Products Advisory Committee overview and scope Oct. 22 meeting

9:10 - 18:27 - Vaccine candidates, development process and platform technologies

18:28 - 25.32 - Background on Emergency Use Authorization and concerns of VBPAC and issue of unblinding studies

25:32 - 26:44 - Status of MRNA and BioNTech's trials and availability of interim analysis

26:44 - 31:04 - Primary endpoint of symptomatic disease versus others discussed 

31:04 - 35:21 - Efficacy requirements and special populations

35:22- 37:33 - Independent Safety Monitoring Board and ongoing monitoring

37:33 - 41:53 - Two-month post-vaccination monitoring

41:54 - 43:45 - What Dr. Fauci said

43:45 - 52:43 - What is "availability," target populations and challenges of distribution and administration

51:43-1:04 - Q & A

Call Replay | Trust in Vaccines When There Is No Trust Around; Status & Future of COVID Vaccine - josh trantum 02

About Josh Trantum: Josh has extensive experience sourcing, licensing and developing pre-clinical biopharmaceutical assets in a broad range of therapeutic categories and disease areas. He also holds an adjunct appointment as an assistant professor in Biomedical Engineering at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. You will want to tune in because Josh is great at translating scientific discovery into investment opportunity, something he does each day at his life sciences fund, Curex Capital.

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy