Takeaway: Please join Daryl Jones, DOR, JT Taylor and me as we preview possible election outcomes and what it means to health care in 2021 and beyond

Call Reminder: Oct. 28 @10AM ET | Are we Past Peak? Health Care Policy in the Next Term - 20201027 Election Preview

Fellow Hedgeye political junkies, Daryl Jones our Director of Research and JT Taylor, Chief Political Strategist, and I are going to sit down (virtually) and discuss election outcomes and implications for the health care sector on:

Wednesday, October 28 @ 10am ET

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Health care ex-COVID has been an obsession for political leaders for three decades or more but with so many other issues emerging, it seems poised to receded. That scenario begs a number of questions:

  • What issues will dominate the 2021-2024 term and how do they impact the health care industry?
  • Biden the candidate seems inclined to forward the cause of the ACA and eschew calls from the left for universal health insurance; does that mean most Trump policies stick?
  • Speaking of the ACA, how will the SCOTUS decision shape the political dynamic in 2021?
  • If Republicans hold the Senate or retain enough of the minority, they are talking about reasserting their brand as deficit hawks, what does that mean to Medicare and Medicaid?
  • The Medicare Trustees are projecting insolvency to the primary hospital fund in 2026. Yes, we know we have all heard those dire warning before but never has the shelf-life been so short.
  • Attention to the deficit almost always goes hand-in-hand with aggressive monitoring of fraud, waste and abuse, what are the implications for lab testing which is an emerging area for scrutiny?
  • The drug industry is looking to Biden to save them from Trump's MFN rule, what does that mean for PBMs?

It should be a lively discussion and as always we will have live Q & A (). Due to audio quality challenges in the WFH era, this call will be via live video only. For you audiophiles, an audio-only replay will be available.

We look forward to "seeing" you

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy