CALL INVITE | ELECTION 2020: States of Play

10/27/20 01:02PM EDT

CALL INVITE | ELECTION 2020: States of Play - Election virus guy

Join me for a conversation with JT Taylor, Hedgeye's Chief Political Strategist. With Election Day a few days away and early voting surpassing all expectations, the race for the White House and Congress is on track to be the most divisive and expensive in history. The battleground map has expanded. While Democrats continue to play offense in their effort to turn the map blue, Republicans are on defense trying to protect their majority in the Senate. We will update you on the states of play, early voting dynamics, and what to expect on Election Day 2020--and beyond?

We will be discussing all these topics and more and will also take listener questions. Make sure to tune in on Friday, October 30 at 10:00am EST.

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