Takeaway: It looks like EXACT Sciences may have a better map, as it snagged Thrive Early Detection for a fraction of what Illumina paid for Grail...

as we all know, illumina paid handsomely for grail ahead of its ipo

Health Care Call Invite | November 3, 2020 @ 12:30 PM ET |  The Liquid Biopsy Gold Rush (ILMN, EXAS) - 10 27 2020 ILMN


We're hosting a live discussion and Q&A with Mr. Mark Capone, former CEO and President of Myriad Genetics, on Tuesday, November 3 at 12:30 PM ET. Hedgeye Health Care Sector Head Tom Tobin will be asking Mark about the recently announced deals - EXACT Sciences' acquisition of Thrive Early Detection and Illumina's acquisition of grail - and overall momentum for liquid biopsy in the quest to improve outcomes for cancer patients. 

We'll cover other key Position Monitor stocks, including Guardant (GH), Natera (NTRA), and Invitae (NVTA), among others, and frame the commercial opportunity for liquid biopsy tests. How will payers react? What can clinicians do if/when the sensitivity and specificity reach [more] helpful levels, etc. As we framed-up during our 4Q20 Themes Call, capital is flowing into the space at a torrid pace, which should bode well for ILMN regardless of who strikes gold with liquid biopsy, but did they just overpay by nearly 4x for an inferior asset? Where does a lab like NeoGenomics fit into the hunt? How do the technologies compare/contrast? Join us to find out!

Health Care Call - the Liquid Biopsy Gold Rush

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Speaker Bio

Mark Capone is presently the CEO of Precision Medicine Advisors, a consulting company focused on molecular diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, which he founded in March 2020 following an 18-year career with Myriad Genetics. Mr. Capone joined Myriad in 2002 and oversaw its growth from an early-stage pioneer in molecular diagnostics with $14MM revenue, 300 employees, and 1 product to the largest and only profitable global precision medicine company with $790MM in revenue, 2,800 employees, and 11 products. He served as Myriad’s CEO and President from 2015-2020, and prior to joining the company, Mark spent 17 years with Eli Lilly and Company in positions across the entire value chain. 

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