Healthcare analysts Tom Tobin and William McMahon review their best stock ideas, major healthcare themes and more. Enter your questions for Tom & William into the chat box below the video player.

On Monday’s Health Care Webcast, we will cover:

  • Liquid Biopsy - International Review | Since our initial work on genetic testing labs, we have been aware of the industry-wide pursuit for liquid biopsy alternatives focused on cancer detection, namely in the early stages. While we are confident among the many competitors devoting massive amounts of time and resources to this end, we have continued to have conversations with scientists in the space concerning the timetable, necessary statistics, and feasibility of reimbursements for these potential tests.
    • The consensus among both International and U.S. Experts we have spoken to is suspicion around Illumina+Grail’s Galleri given the complexity of how early detection can be put into practice.
    • They share a positive view of Guardant360 including the methodical approach, overall utility of the test, and potential use for the most challenging cancers like ovarian. As a reminder, we think volume trends look good and that GH can beat by ~$10MM on the top line when they report.
  • AMN NEW & Updated Trackers  | As we mentioned during last week’s position monitor update, we have had a long, successful history on both sides of AMN. Most recently, we have likely stuck around for too long on the short side despite observing a considerable uptick in our AMN Trackers due to a slower recovery in demand for hospital employees, AMN’s main customer base. On Monday, we will go through this week’s Active Listings and New per Day Listing Trackers, as well as a NEW Wages Tracker and UPDATED job listings series by geography and discipline.
  • NEO Intro & Claims Analysis  | In recent weeks, we have received an uptick of interest from our clients in high- complexity clinical laboratory, NeoGenomics. While we do not have a view on the name yet, we have begun initial works and will be sharing the claims data and additional analysis with subscribers in the coming weeks.
  • ILMN TDOC EXAS MASI Earnings Previews  | Earnings Season is Here! And the Beats and Raises are beginning to pour in. On Monday’s Position Monitor Update, we will share key metrics, current MicroQuad positioning, and some preliminary analysis to prepare you for the uptick in releases/calls throughout the coming weeks.

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