monday, october 19th, 2020

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On Monday’s Health Care Webcast, we will cover:

  • The Big Three | $HCA, $JNJ, and $UNH comprise the largest Hospital Company, the largest Medical Supply and Pharma company, and the largest Health Insurer, respectively. Their comments on the outlook beyond 3Q20 made it sound like the current “percentage of pre-COVID” was going to be the run rate for the foreseeable future. We compare their comments from the call, and macro trends that line up or refute their collective outlook.
  • $AMN Recovery | Our tracker continues to improve sequentially and alongside the share price pushing higher every day. $AMN has gone from a great short to a poor choice slowly and then all at once. We’ll review the tracker, estimate trends, and the MicroQuads.
  • Genetic Testing | We’re hearing anecdotes of an accelerating oncology testing in recent days. We’ve already seen a big uptick at Guardant and Invitae and we will check in on some of the important private companies in our dataset, such as Tempus, Sema4, and others.

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