Takeaway: Favorite venture fund, Jumpstart Foundry, will be in Hedgeye studios to talk about changes to supervision, technology reimbursement and more

We continue our efforts to "learn out loud" and apply recent, often radical federal health policy to the investment process. We have highlighted a number of important changes that benefit telehealth companies like TDOC and AMWL, laboratory and device manufacturers like ILMN, GH and ISRG and alternative sites of care like SGRY. A lot of the action, however, is going to be in alternative investing as new companies are formed to take advantage of certain opportunities and existing growth companies sieze the day.

Now is a good time to sit down with our friends at Jumpstart Foundry and talk about changes to supervision rules that further expand the opportunities for telehealth both within a health system and across the care continuum. We will also explore changes to Medicare reimbursement that encourage adoption of new technologies and care patterns. Finally we will look at how alternative sites of care from ambulatory surgery centers to Walmart will affect health care delivery. All of these things will have an impact on new and emerging companies in Jumpstart's portfolio and pipeline.

Yes, some of it may go in reverse as a result of the election. We will talk about that too.

Please join me, Jumpstart Chief Operating Officer, Brian Dougherty and Managing Director Eller Mallchok for a discussion about how current federal policy will be applied to alternative investments and what opportunity and challenges lie ahead.

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 About Jumpstart Foundry. Jumpstart Foundry (JSF) is an early-stage healthcare investment firm based in Nashville, TN. JSF leverages data & scalable technology systems to make 20-30 innovative health investments every year from their annual seed funds. With an ‘industry-first’ investment thesis, JSF’s investment decisions are based on well researched and documented industry pain points. JSF also manages an extensive network of healthcare industry experts, mentors, investors, and entrepreneur to provide strategic support to their portfolio companies

About Brian Dougherty. When not making terrible Dad jokes, Brian works best at the intersection of technology and operations, finding the most efficient ways to build and lead teams with the latest tech. A process fanatic, Brian brings structure and intent to the Jumpstart organization in everything we do. He holds a BS degree in computer science from Centre College as well as MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Vanderbilt University.

About Eller Mallchok. Eller loves meeting new people and making connections for founders, investors, and mentors. As Managing Director, she oversees the strategic direction of each annual fund, leads fundraising efforts, and serves as the point of contact for all portfolio company founders. After earning a B.S. in Biology from Dickinson College, she made her way back home to Tennessee, where she has been deeply involved in the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem.

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy

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