Takeaway: Join us for a call with an ex-employee of Doordash on Monday October 12 at 2PM ET.

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There are a number of moving pieces to the Restaurant delivery landscape.  Yesterday, we saw GRUB going directly after UberEats, as they will provide all Lyft Pink members with a complimentary Grubhub+ membership.  I don’t think this will stem the market share losses that GRUB has been experiencing, but it’s a nice feature.  We will be doing a series of Food delivery presentations in the coming weeks, beginning on October 12, with an ex-Doordash employee.  On the upcoming call, we will be covering several important topics in the space:

  • The recent consolidation in the sector with Uber purchasing Postmates and DoorDash purchasing Caviar in the last 12 months, enables these companies to offer more competitive delivery fees, lower commissions that restaurants pay, and increase the bonus to drivers. We will go through what to expect from Just Eat Takeaway.com purchasing Grubhub.
  • The CEO of Just Eat Takeaway is very clear about the profitability of a delivery order; what does that mean for GRUB in the future?
  • What DoorDash expected timeline to profitability?
  • What are Doordash plans for delivering groceries? Will that accelerate the losses?
  • Is growth slowing in the core restaurant meal delivery business?
  • How has COVID changed DoorDash’s business model?
  • Can he address some of Dorrdash’s controversial practices of adding a restaurant with no signed contract?
  • What are some critical topics not being addressed by Wall Street?
  • We will also discuss the implications of reclassifying independent contractors as employees.

As always, if you have questions, you can email them to me or ask them on the call.

Speaker bio:

Michael Assoian spent five years as a manager at DoorDash in merchant strategy and sales operations. He has spent his whole career helping restaurant companies adopt new technologies.

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