Takeaway: Join us Tuesday, October 6 at 12:30pm EST, as we sit down with Ami Joseph to discuss Tech Investing in the coming decade.

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Join me for a conversation with Ami Joseph, Hedgeye's technology sector head. We will discuss key headwinds and tailwinds for technology in the coming years. We will also examine how behavioral trends that seem strong today may run into a brick wall over the next decade due to the crossover from one generation to the next in voting, leadership, business formation, and attitudes towards risk-taking and community.


  • A generational look at the growth of cloud software, including the shift to modularity, as well as demand vectors of digital transformation
  • The revolution of GenX against MSFT with best of breed productivity tools, and Microsoft’s GenX CEO aggregation-first response…& where it all goes next
  • VC Capital & VC Dollars Accelerants and Decelerants and a look at what are they investing in, and how we see that new business creation flowing into the years ahead
  • What could go wrong for tech? A discussion of deglobalization, a possible market crash, geopolitical confrontation, and new activism on antitrust.

We will be discussing all these topics and more and will also take listener questions. Make sure to tune in Tuesday, October 6 at 12:30pm EST. 

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