Takeaway: Listen to the call replay as Neil Howe and JT Taylor analyze the upcoming November election and the Supreme Court.

CALL REPLAY | ELECTION 2020: Supreme Showdown  - Election virus guy

Listen to a replay of my conversation with JT Taylor, Hedgeye's Chief Political Strategist. We update the state of the November election days after the first Trump v. Biden debate and amid a bruising Supreme Court battle. 

With Election Day a month out and early voting underway in many states, the race for the White House and Congress -  in the middle of a pandemic with a Supreme Court confirmation consuming ALL three branches of government -  is on track to be the most divisive and expensive in history. With polls tightening in battleground states and widening nationally, we go over the states you should be watching.

We also look at the challenges facing states that now must hold an election during a pandemic. We examine how they are transitioning to facilitate mail-in ballots and processing them in a compressed time frame. But most worrisome of all: How will the two sides respond to a "no decision" in key states that are too close to call or to partisan warfare over mail-in irregularities? Will the commander-in-chief honor the election outcome? What is the likelihood of such a dispute?

We discuss all these topics and more and also take listener questions.

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