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Beer Sales Continue To Remain Steady  - 9 4 2020 10 43 17 AM

Total off-premise alcohol beverage sales increased 18% for the week ended August 22.

Wine sales grew 17.4%, and spirits grew 26.2%. Off-premise beer category sales grew 15.4% for the week, as seen in the chart below. Core beer sales, excluding hard seltzer and FMBs, increased by 9.8%.

Hard seltzer sales grew 113% vs. 123% the prior week, representing a 10.2% share of the beer category. The top three growth hard seltzer packages for the latest four-week period are White Claw variety pack 2, Truly Hard Seltzer Lemonade mix pack, and Corona Hard Seltzer variety pack.

Craft beer grew 14.1%, super premiums grew 21.8%, and Mexican imports grew 12.8% (up from 11.2% the prior week).

Inventory levels of Mexican imports have been improving each week since the resumption of production in Mexico.

Beer Sales Continue To Remain Steady  - vf