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On Monday’s Health Care Webcast, we cover:

  • NTRA ACOG Recommendation | We have kept Natera on the bench throughout 2020, waiting for validation that the up-and-to-the right trend of our claims data was leading to the adoption we felt the product suite could have. Earlier this week, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) expanded their recommendation for all pregnant people regardless of their age or known risk factors to undergo prenatal aneuploidy screening. While the new guidelines immediately expand the total addressable market for $NTRA’s Panorama, $PROG’s Innatal, and others, the new recommendation should also push private payors to reconsider broader coverage for non-invasive pre-natal testing. 
  • MASI Preview, Import Data | As presented on our call this past Monday, conversations with experts in the field have seemed to echo the commodity-like nature which drives demand for remote monitoring devices. Given the product’s premium pricing and lack of proportional resurgence in app downloads alongside the #SecondWave, we have continued working on the name in recent weeks. 
  • EXAS, Genomic Health Claims | Exact’s most recent quarter results for Cologuard volume and Oncotype Clinical Test volume correlated well with the Claims Trackers we had been developing over the past few quarters. These same trackers are signaling recovery for 3Q20, but it is likely still too early to pinpoint where these numbers will finish. 
  • NVTA V-Shaped Volume Recovery | While we have been skeptical of Invitae’s roll-up style, acquire-for-growth strategy in recent quarters, we can certainly appreciate their ability to continue to drive test accession growth leading into the pandemic and following the re-opening. Using our claims data as a tracker for volume recovery, we have seen a prompt re-acceleration of claims from COVID lows following the re-opening. 

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