Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from Tuesday's edition of The Macro Show hosted by Senior Macro Analyst Darius Dale.

Dale: How To Use Risk Ranges To Navigate Gold - 8 11 2020 1 50 03 PM

I’m seeing a lot of whining from people when discussing the long side of Gold, in so much that it hasn’t hit the low end of its Risk Range in quite some time.

We’ve obviously been bullish on Gold since heading in to 4Q18, and it has been a slam dunk career defining call.

But we’ve made plenty of those over the last twelve years and we will continue to make plenty more.

Today you are finally getting a shot with Gold at the low end of its Risk Range this morning.

Here’s your opportunity.

Are you going to buck up, buy more and add to this core macro exposure? Or are you going to run away when its at the low end of the risk range?

The Risk Range Process is designed for you to check how you feel in these moments.

Whether it be at the upside of the Risk Range on Bond Yields or at the low end of the Risk Range on something like Gold, the process is there to check how you feel, refresh the process, and reiterate the short term OODA Loop (Observe → Orient → Decide → Act) to get you in a position to proactively predict good decisions.

The choice is yours.