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Hard Seltzer Brand Share Shifts  - 8 3 2020 11 36 34 AM

The two dominant hard seltzer brands, White Claw (owned by Mark Anthony) and Truly (owned by Samuel Adams), have retained their combined share of the hard seltzer category in the most recent two months compared to the first three pre-COVID months of the year.

The two brands have maintained their share despite tightness in production supplies and inventory, as seen in the chart below.

White Claw lost 640bps of share since pre-COVID weeks while Truly gained 680bps. Inventory availability likely had a role in the share shift. Anheuser-Busch InBev hard seltzer brands (Bud Light, Natural Light, Bon & Viv) lost 420bps of share from pre-COVID weeks to the recent two-month period.

Corona hard seltzer lost 60bps of share to 4.1% from pre-COVID weeks after launching in the spring with a $40M marketing budget.

Molson Coors hard seltzer brand Vizzy launched in April and reached 1.8% share in the most recent two months while the Coors hard seltzer launch was delayed from the end of July to the fall.

It is notable that despite the high rate of growth and numerous new entrants, the two large incumbent brands have retained their share.

Hard Seltzer Brand Share Shifts  - gg2