German Medical Cannabis Imports Increase

07/31/20 09:53AM EDT

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German Medical Cannabis Imports Increase  - 7 31 2020 9 47 03 AM

The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) reported a total of 4,126 KG of medical cannabis flower imports in H1 2020.

Sequentially, Q1 2020 imports grew 16% while Q2 2020 imports grew 32%. H1 2020’s 4,162 KG of medical cannabis flower, primarily for pharmacy dispensing, grew 63% over H1 2019 total imports.

MJBizDaily estimates that by year end 2019, Germany imported 54% of its medical cannabis flower from Canada, 38% from the Netherlands, and 8% from Portugal.

In early 2020, Germany authorized imports from Spain and Denmark to lessen their supply reliance on a small number of countries.

Germany is expected to be exclusively dependent on imports until year end 2020, by which time local production of medical cannabis flower is anticipated to be ready.

German Medical Cannabis Imports Increase  - cb1

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