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Healthcare analysts Tom Tobin and William McMahon review their best stock ideas, major healthcare themes and more.

On Monday’s Health Care Webcast, we will cover:

TDOC | Earnings Preview, Telehealth Survey Results

  • As the #SecondWave ramps in the US, we are not seeing nearly the same level of app activity that we did into 1Q20. While we expect 2Q20 revenue to outperform both consensus expectations and management guidance, upside in 2021 is becoming less obvious. Our current 2021 revenue estimate is less than 10% ahead of the consensus.
  • Consistent with other surveys, we found that consumers utilizing telehealth alternatives would prefer to see their own physician. Of the 38% of respondents who had used telemedicine already, the majority had seen their "regular doctor on their office system" versus 11% who had opted for TDOC.

AMN | Earnings Preview, Tracker Data

  • While a slow improvement in new listings per day appears in-line with management's expectations and a hopeful sign of recovery, we have not seen demand rebound substantially at this point. With the #SecondWave emerging in many states across the US, we’ll continue to track and weigh demand recovery for both ICU nurses fighting the pandemic and medical surgery nurses returning to meet pent-up demand for elective procedures.

TXG | NIH Academic Grant Analysis 

  • To better understand the potential TAM and penetration of single-cell sequencing, we have identified key terms across existing programs within the NIH Database. In our 3Q20 Themes Deck, we previewed our grant analysis for the University of California, San Francisco, one of the top recipients of awards related to 10x Genomics’ single-cell sequencing platform. On Monday, we will present the deep dive analysis we have conducted centering on penetration by organization and primary investigator.

NTRA | Claims, Genetic Testing Registry Data

  • Throughout 2020, we have been monitoring the uptick in interest within our claims data which shows a directionally strong up and to the right trend. Through further analysis of this data and the Genetic Testing Registry, we have better visibility into the way NTRA is billing for the tests on their menu.

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