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Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin and Health Policy analyst Emily Evans review their best stock ideas, major healthcare themes and more. They also take questions from the live viewer audience after their prepared remarks. 


On Monday’s Health Care Check Up, we will cover:

  • COVID Slowdown | It is unlikely that states head back into lock-down as COVID ramps higher across the country due to economic concerns, political pressure, and constituent morale. What is more likely is that re-acceleration will severely impact volumes across the US Medical Economy.  We touched on this in our update last week and will present further analysis on this week’s update.
  • Cologuard Market Share (EXAS) | Cologuard took patient share from Colonoscopy and FIT testing during the COVID outbreak.  As elective procedures were taken off restriction, screening colonoscopy made a robust recovery.  As of the latest data point, screening colonoscopy was off by 150bps versus pre-COVID.  As many states focus their time and resources fighting COVID, elective procedures are again being limited. Based on the last few months of data, we expect the broader impact to Cologuard will be limited going forward.  
  • Claims Data (GH) | Although we do not see any increase from solid tumor testing, total claims volume continues to come in strong for 2Q20.  Most testing remains in the lung cancer category.
  • Micro Quad Screener | As we continue to develop and refine our screening process for high probability longs and shorts, we have flagged nearly 20 names that are currently screening long.  Of these names, we have already begun to concentrate our work on those with solid, fundamental drivers.

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