Healthcare Checkup | Outlook For Post-COVID, HRC, GH, Hospital Trends, TXG, Weekly Position Monitor

06/20/20 07:05AM EDT

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Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin and Health Policy analyst Emily Evans review their best stock ideas, major healthcare themes and more. They also take questions from the live viewer audience after their prepared remarks.

While we continue to work on ideas which have been in our pipeline, we followed up with the CFO of a large academic hospital system and spoke with a core lab director at a major genome and academic research center to further develop our outlook on the "Other Side" of COVID-19.  We plan to augment our COVID series with the insights from these experts, as well as, those of our featured speaker, Dr. Kari Nadeau, next week. On Monday’s Health Care Check Up, we will cover:

  • Outlook for Post-COVID | We have quantified the level of spending by age, payor, and patient health status to take a look at the potential of at-risk patients staying away to impact growth in the back half of 2020. For hospitals, the mix of these patients is significant. 
  • HRC | Despite a roughly 2% tailwind from COVID-19 “pull forward” demand, Surgical Solutions experienced a -3% decline in core revenue growth. Our forecast identified this incremental demand in 2Q20 and predicts a deceleration in 3Q20.
  • GH | We will discuss our updated claims data that shows solid tumor has yet to make a big impact on claims volume. Lung cancer continues to account for a large and as of yet stable, percentage of the total volume.
  • Hospital Trends and TXG | We followed up with the CFO of a large, west coast hospital network concerning his outlook on the post-COVID recovery that is happening unevenly across departments, but faster than expected. TXG may be an expensive stock with a niche product.

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