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Beer Category Dollar Sales Increased - 6 16 2020 9 39 44 AM

Beer category dollar sales increased 22.1% for the week ended June 6.

The beer category off-premise sales have increased by 21.4% so far during the COVID-19 outbreak. Total off-premise alcohol sales for the week increased by 24.1% compared to last year. Hard seltzer sales grew 255%, similar to the previous two weeks.

Super-premium beers grew 22.8%, driven by Michelob Ultra’s 30.5% growth. Craft beer sales increased 16.5%, led by Molson Coors’ Blue Moon’s 31.5% growth. Mexican imports grew 19%, accelerating 17.5% the previous week.

FMBs excluding hard seltzer grew 19.3%, driven by Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s 30% growth and Boston Beer’s Twisted Tea’s 34.8% growth. Premium light sales increased 9.8%, driven by Miller Lite’s 9% growth, Coors Light’s 7.5% growth, and Bud Light’s 1.7% growth.

Large pack sizes continued to exhibit the highest growth with 24 packs up 27.7%, 30 packs up 23.4%, 12 packs up 42.5% while six packs were up 12.3%, and single serves were up 6.3%.

Beer Category Dollar Sales Increased - BEER4