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Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Macro Analyst Christian Drake.

With the VIX back above @Hedgeye TREND (26.05), HY OAS holding north of 500bps and the 10Y failing to breach TRADE 0.92%, consider today’s Chart of the Day. While there have been some investible, counter-trend periods, I’ll leave it to you to count the number of Value over Growth (secular) head fakes over the past decade+. 

And to bring us full circle, it’s important to formally highlight that while Zeno’s paradox is logically and superficially seductive, it is discretely not true.

Or, perhaps more apropos as a market analogy, it’s mostly true for a while (you can indeed, go halfway between points A and B many times) before blowing up spectacularly in the end.

CHART OF THE DAY: For Real This Time? - CoD Value v Growth