We've got the mid-month numbers and they look good, especially for Wynn.



The following table details the table-only Macau June revenues through the 13th in HK dollars.  Assuming slots at about HK$650m, Macau is tracking close to HK$14bn for June, up 74% YoY.  This would be another very strong month, particularly for Wynn.




In terms of table revenue market share, Wynn looks like the biggest gainer sequentially, from 15.7% in May to 18.3% in June.  LVS also gained share from May but down slightly from beginning of June.  SJM, MPEL, and MGM all lost share but there is still a half month to go.


Anna and I are in Singapore and Macau this week so we should have more color.

McCullough Says U.S. `Debt Balloon Is Massive'

Help Hedgeye Save A Life

Dear Hedgeye Faithful,


Please take a moment to read the information below to find out how you can help a member of the Hedgeye extended family.  Mandi Schwartz is a Yale women's hockey player who is now in desperate need of cord blood to save her life.  Share this with any and all and perhaps we can all be Mandi's hero!




The Hedgeye Risk Management Macro Team


Efforts Expand to Find Life-Saving Donor for Mandi Schwartz


Bulldog Forward Battling Leukemia, in Urgent Need of Marrow or Cord Blood Donor


NEW HAVEN, Conn. – As Yale women’s ice hockey player Mandi Schwartz continues to battle leukemia, efforts to find her a matching marrow or cord blood donor have intensified. With help from some former Bulldogs, those efforts have expanded to include everything from hockey tournaments in Canada to the World’s Largest Baby Shower in Atlanta. For details on how you can help find a life-saving donor, read on.


Mandi, 22, was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in December of 2008, just days after helping the Yale women’s hockey team to a 4-1 win over Brown. She returned home to Wilcox, Sask., and underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy. She was in remission by the spring of 2009, and returned to Yale in January of 2010 to complete her junior year. But less than four months later tests revealed the cancer had returned. She is once again home in Canada, undergoing chemotherapy.


This summer Mandi will need to have a stem cell transplant, which requires locating either a bone marrow or a cord blood donor. The Yale Athletics Department’s efforts to help started with bone marrow donor testing drives each of the last two springs, resulting in more than 1,600 people getting their cheeks swabbed to be added to the National Marrow Donor Program’s “Be The Match” registry. Matches were found for other patients in need, but not for Mandi. To date, the only bone marrow donor match for her is a “9 out of 10”, not a “10 out of 10”. Partially matched bone marrow cell transplants frequently result in a life-ending graft versus host response.


To increase the chances of finding a perfect match, Mandi’s family has begun working with Dr. Tedd Collins, founder of Become My Hero, an organization that works to find donors for hard-to-match patients. Because of her ancestry, Mandi is most likely to find a match from someone of German, Russian or Ukrainian heritage. A “Become Mandi’s Hero” Facebook group has been established to help look for donors and support Mandi as she battles her way back to having a normal life ( There is also a twitter account at that anyone can follow.   


Become Mandi’s Hero is focused on finding potential cord blood donors in addition to bone marrow donors. Cord blood has the same life-saving stem cells as bone marrow, except that partially matched cord blood stem cells rarely cause life-ending consequences. Dr. Collins believes that collecting cord blood from 100-200 babies with any combination of German, Russian or Ukrainian heritage will result in a realistic chance of finding donors that will be able to save Mandi’s life. This must be done within the next two months. The web page at explains the details of the three-step cord blood donation process.


To find cord blood donors, Become Mandi’s Hero is reaching out to the general public in an effort to send or give brochures to hundreds of expectant couples who are having babies that may match Mandi's German, Russian or Ukrainian ancestry. Become Mandi’s Hero will test any mother and father who may match, then collect cord blood from those that the test shows have a high probability of matching.


The efforts to reach out to expectant couples have ranged far and wide, including an assist from one of Mandi’s former Yale teammates. Jenna Spring ’07 volunteered to distribute information about Mandi and the need for cord blood donors at the “World’s Largest Baby Shower” last weekend in Georgia. The event reached the exact audience that is critical to the success of the efforts to find a donor: expectant couples.


There is also still the possibility of finding Schwartz a perfect “10 out of 10” match from a bone marrow donor. Along those lines, a former Yale men’s hockey player is finding ways to connect those who share Schwartz’ passion for hockey with her need for a donor. Brennan Turner ‘09, who attended the same high school as Schwartz (Athol Murray College of Notre Dame) has been lining up a series of bone marrow donor testing drives in Canada in conjunction with CBC's Play On! 4on4 street hockey tournament.  Billed as Canada’s largest sports festival, the tournament takes place in various Canadian cities throughout the summer. A list of those cities where there will be marrow donor testing drives is below.


Mandi’s story has received coverage throughout Canada and in the New Haven area. She also has connections in the Heartland and out West that have helped spread the word. Her younger brother Jaden was the USHL Forward of the Year with the Tri-City (Nebraska) Storm last season and is ranked No. 28 among North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting. That makes him a potential first-round pick in the upcoming NHL Draft, which takes place June 25-26 in Los Angeles. He is committed to attend Colorado College this fall and will play alongside his and Mandi’s brother, Rylan, who recently completed his freshman season at the school. 


Below is a partial list of ways that anyone can help Mandi. 


Read more about Mandi and what is being done to help her:

 E-mail  if you have any questions


 Use Facebook to learn more about the need for bone marrow and cord blood donors, and help spread the word:

Join the bone marrow donor registry:

 Help contact expectant couples who are potential cord blood donors:

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World Cup Chart Of The Day: Italy

The intermediate term TREND line for the Italy Titan 30 remains broken at 2311.


World Cup Chart Of The Day: Italy - Italy Titans 30

Breaking The Buck's Third Act

The US stock market bulls like to talk about 2 things: growth and earnings. We like both, but only when they are accelerating sequentially (unless we see a price that reflects the pending slowdown in sequential growth).


Since market prices don’t lie, we use them as leading indicators for future growth. This is what made us bullish on US equities in June of 2009 inasmuch as it makes us bearish on US equities in June of 2010.


What’s a little tougher to discern is what a weakening US Dollar might do to stock market prices. While most recent history (the last 3 years – see chart) suggests that the $88 level in the US Dollar index is a formidable level of long term resistance (a long term lower-high, going back 30 years), what will be interesting this time around is seeing how the US Consumer reacts to any sequential price spikes in major US Dollar based consumption items (i.e. gas at the pump).


One of the major reasons we outlined as catalytic to calling the stock market crash of 2008 was the Burning of The Buck. A predictable go-to-move by the Keynesians in Washington would be the debauchery the currency in exchange for a hope that the Buy-And-Hope community would buy into the idea that cheap moneys would save the stock market from noticing the US Consumer going on strike (sound familiar? How about 2010 Europe?).


In the most recent three weeks prior to the US Dollar going down, US Consumer confidence in the weekly ABC/Washington Post survey had been improving week to week. The US Consumer likes it when prices at the pump go down. What will be interesting is seeing her reaction to rising pump prices. Last week’s -1% drop in the US Dollar Index fired up the price of WTI oil by +3.2% week-over-week. We’ll get the weekly reaction from the ABC survey on Wednesday morning.


For now, we are short the US Dollar via the UUP. We’re short it because it’s the best way to be explicitly short the tired strategy of the Fiat Fools in Washington. Until they realize that going back to the well of destroying this country’s currency rather than cutting the real problem (debt financed deficit spending), there is no reason for the objective mind to believe that any of the lines of support in the chart below will hold, over time.


What this will mean for the stock market remains to be seen. For the last 3 days, Breaking the Buck’s Third Act has certainly been reflationary. Good for the stock market bull how hasn’t seen a 3-day rally since April? Sure. Good for Americans? We’ll see…



Keith R. McCullough
Chief Executive Officer


Breaking The Buck's Third Act - DOLLAR

Casual Dining - TX and FLA Exposure

If there were any “black cloud” questions being asked of the Restaurant management teams in NYC last week, the issues stemming for the oil spill were front and center but future consequences are impossible to predict.


The magnitude of the spill is staggering and the images of oil flowing into the gulf are painful to watch.  With some oil already being found in the Florida panhandle, the odds appear high that the oil slick will feed into the Gulf Stream, likely carrying the oil through the Florida Keys, past Miami and up the east coast.  The Gulf Stream travels at an average speed of 4 miles per hour, so once the oil hits the Gulf Stream, it will take 26 days to hit the Hamptons. 


As the events unfold, tourism will suffer in the state of Florida and in other parts of the east coast.  Looking past the summer, many snow birds will likely look for a new place to rest for the winter.   This is a worrying scenario for the Sunshine State’s economy.


Longer term, another concern would be the potential impact of a slowdown in drilling, particularly in Texas, which is an important state for a number of restaurant companies. 


The following table shows the casual dining industry exposure to different regions of the country, based on the Malcolm Knapp data.  The chart shows the regions of the country that are performing better or worse than the national average for the month of March. 


The two chains that stand out the most to exposure to Florida and Texas are EAT and PFCB, but CAKE RUTH, DRI and TXRH have significant operations too. 


Casual Dining - TX and FLA Exposure - StateExposure

Daily Trading Ranges

20 Proprietary Risk Ranges

Daily Trading Ranges is designed to help you understand where you’re buying and selling within the risk range and help you make better sales at the top end of the range and purchases at the low end.