WEBCAST REPLAY | Best Healthcare Stock Ideas & Big Themes

01/31/20 09:15PM EST

Watch the replay below

Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin and Health Policy analyst Emily Evans review their best stock ideas, major healthcare themes and more. They also take questions from the live viewer audience after their prepared remarks. 


  • DXCM |  A new look at our medical claims data may yield a more accurate look into the market for continuous glucose monitoring. We spoke to two endocrinologists we identified through our medical claims data because they were at group practices that submit a high number of claims for cgm “data interpretation.” The anecdotes tell the same story we heard last year and support the short case, but a new analysis of the data looks more accurate.
  • HCA |  Our algorithm method proved accurate in calling the upside to HCA’s 4Q19 same facility adjusted admissions growth. If the method holds up we should see upside at MD and an inline number at THC. 
  • ILMN | We’ve assembled a chart book for genetic testing volume trends across a number of key labs, both public and private. While Illumina beat and maintained guidance for 2020, they back end loaded the year resulting in more doubt and falling consensus estimates. The market looks good for ILMN, both academic and commercial labs,  so we are sticking with the long. 

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