Below is some insight shared by our Senior Macro Strategist and Managing Director Darius Dale on his Twitter feed this morning. You can follow him @HedgeyeDDale.

3 Pro Tips From Hedgeye's Darius Dale - z 55

Pro Tip #1

Just because the #OldWall's media outlets sell it to you as news, doesn't mean it's actually newsworthy. Do you own work -- I promise you even the most cursory rate-of-change analysis of TIME SERIES will get you to the answers faster than consuming JOURNALISM.

Pro Tip #2

The #OldWall is no place for creative thought or innovation. It's a place where you get paid fees to sell products and not to rock the boat too much. You think I would've created the GIP Model had I started out in a sellside analyst rotation program in 2008-09?

3 Pro Tips From Hedgeye's Darius Dale - zdd

Pro Tip #3

Don't dwell on mistakes. DO THE WORK to learn from them and move on. This game is hard enough as it is to carry baggage into the promised land of risk-adjusted returns. NO ONE is right all the time, save for the anonymous "portfolio manager" trolls on Fin-Twit.

3 Pro Tips From Hedgeye's Darius Dale - z 1 hedgeye darius dale yale football

As a former left tackle, I can assure you you're going to give up sacks if you play the game at the highest level. You're going to give up a lot more if you're worried about the last counter-move/stunt/blitz instead of completely focusing on executing your next assignment!

For the record, I was a four-year starter at OT at Yale and never gave up a single sack. I wouldn't characterize that as "the highest level" of football, though. I'm certain there are TONS of guys riding pine on Sundays that would consistently whip my butt on game day.

Together we learn, evolve, adapt, and dominate. LEAD from the front lines, each day. While others shun and fear it, #transparency is critical to the success of Hedgeye.

Success is born out of the #process, not the other way around. Sincere thanks to each of you who enjoy grinding on the #process with us each day and who have decided to #evolve with us!  Hopefully we’re increasing your happiness by educating and helping grow your wealth.

Happy holidays!