Our Healthcare team presented their institutional Q4 2019 Healthcare Themes on Monday, October 21st, below you can watch analyst Tom Tobin give a detailed overview of the key factors to be aware of for 4Q.

Key Themes Included:

  • Recessions Risk | The U.S. Medical Economy tends to accelerate at the end of economic cycles and our work tells us to expect a positive Health Care earnings season in 3Q19, but as growth concerns continue to spread globally, Health Care is increasingly at risk and we've got our attention focused on the key series that should be the best early warning flags.
  • Factors and Screen Results | As we transition from Quad 4 into what-comes-next, continue to ramp our data efforts, we're continue to evolve our process to take advantage of the Hedgeye Macro outlook to drive performance.
  • Position Monitor Longs and Shorts | Some of our active positions carry a high confidence interval, more attractive risk/reward, or both. In recent weeks we've been focused on Genetic Testing as we've added ILMN and GH to the long side and added NVTA to the long bench.