Why Is Hong Kong In Turmoil? Look At Growth

10/01/19 01:29PM EDT

Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from today's edition of The Macro Show hosted by CEO Keith McCullough.

Why Is Hong Kong In Turmoil? Look At Growth - 9 3 2019 10 14 42 AM

Dr. Copper has been blasted by this Global Quad 4 in Q3 economic data with a cannonball to the downside as it goes down -1.6% and falling. Just look at the chart below. 

Copper is an indicator for global macro growth, you can see why Hong Kong is in the state it's currently in.

Why Is Hong Kong In Turmoil? Look At Growth - 10 1 2019 10 37 10 AM

We're seeing another broad based deceleration of Global PMIs in September giving the US Dollar rocket fuel to the upside. We saw PMI readings sub-50 (and decelerating sequentially) in South Korea, Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Eurozone and South Africa. Not good.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been chasing “trade deal” talk in the recent weeks, you’ve taken your losses. But not like a water cannon to the forehead like someone in Hong Kong this morning. In fact, they’ve moved on from water cannons. They now have real bullets.

The world sees this and reacts. Maybe people who are watching CNBC or chasing FOMO Futures don’t fully get it.

It’s genuinely amazing to watch Americans chase FOMO Futures in “stocks” with such clear signals from the U.S. Dollar and Copper in plain sight. Obviously, companies will have to report these realities (in U.S. Dollars) during Q3 Earnings Season.

Maybe they get it? Maybe they don't. That's not my problem.

The big problem is a humane one. 31 and counting have been hospitalized in Hong Kong. There will be some horrendous video coming out in the next 24 hours displaying the violence. And after the demonstrations for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic, the situation continues to be caustic.

This is all due part and parcel to Quad 4 in not only China, but in the world. When things slow, things get politically worse.

And that is what is happening in Hong Kong right now. Look at the growth and you'll understand the situation.

China is accelerating in terms of a global macro risk.

Be aware.

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