#Retail5.0 → New Black Book - za1

We’re presenting a brand new Black Book on Wednesday September 18th at 10:00am ET as an update to our #Retail5.0 theme – the beginning of the 5th mega-cycle in retail.

The focus? Diving deep into the import/export economics around tariffs – specifically:

  • How much softgoods unit economics will change on the cost side
  • Where it can be offset by vendors in the supply chain, and
  • Where it can be pushed through to consumers

The reality is that companies have spent the past six months retooling their supply chains. Even if a trade deal is achieved tomorrow, costs for much of the next 12 months are both committed and baked, and there will be a notable change to the profitability of the retail supply chain is 2020.

Tangentially, we’ll also dive into changing square footage dynamics as e-commerce proliferates, and where we are in the bankruptcy cycle as fixed real estate assets become more marginalized in non-core locations.

Ultimately we want to drill down on the winners and losers, and will be changing up our positioning on our Best Idea list accordingly.

We’ll release our updated Position Monitor with our Best Ideas, long and short, ahead of our presentation.

Email sales@hedgeye.com for access