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Below is a brief excerpt and chart from today's Early Look written by our analyst Andrew Freedman. Click here to learn more.

Process, Process, Process…

The process I established covering Internet, Media and Telecom stocks is a collection of what I observed as best practices from the research veterans I am fortunate to have as colleagues.  It is also the process I used and battle-tested covering Healthcare IT stocks with many successful long/short calls.

I’ll let you review the process slides below for more detail… but it goes something like this.

  • Measure and map the industry
  • Know the company inside out
  • Be data dependent
  • Focus on what really matters
  • Valuation is not a catalyst
  • Above all else, be intellectually honest

Sound familiar? It should. Especially if you are a Hedgeye subscriber.

I tell every prospect that I meet… While it may take time to get a ticker completely through my process, it’s worth it. Because what comes out in the end is a high conviction, high hit-rate stock call. I like to think of it as the Disney, tent-pole, strategy to idea generation and research production.  Focus laser like on quality, conviction and a high hit rate. Not the Netflix, cover the waterfront, shots on net, be all things to all people strategy. 

The mistakes I have made picking stocks are when I have tried to short-circuit the process. And my biggest problem right now is where do I focus my time—time itself being the biggest enemy of research.

SLIDE OF THE DAY | Freedman: My Research Process - z 20190821 ProcessSlide1