Our Analyst Todd Jordan's Favorite Long Idea Right Now

08/16/19 10:22AM EDT


Hedgeye Gaming, Lodging & Leisure analyst Todd Jordan presented an update on his favorite long idea on the August 13thedition of The Macro Show, calling Booking.com (BKNG) a “great long-term story.”

“We’re seeing a transition from those aggressive internet and media investors who are looking for accelerating topline ‘hyper-growth’ to more growth at a reasonable price, cash flow and more traditional valuation,” Jordan explains in the clip above.

“The addressable market is a lot bigger than people think.

We like their competitive positioning. Europe is actually a good place to be for an OTA [online travel agency]. I think they are the best-positioned in a region that really needs OTA’s, and that’s Asia.”

Watch the full clip for more on why BKNG is his favorite stock in his sector.

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