Dale: Worst Global Economic Data Of My Career

08/15/19 11:41AM EDT


It’s become impossible to ignore. The deteriorating economic data we warned about ahead of time continues to signal that the world is in Quad 4 (growth and inflation both slowing).

In fact, Chinese and European data released earlier this week is so bad that Hedgeye Senior Macro analyst Darius Dale calls it “the worst data week of my career.”

“My alarm bells are sounding. And I deal with probably as much data as anyone doing this professionally,” Dale explains in the clip above from the Aug. 14th edition of The Macro Show.

“The Chinese policy makers are going to do what they can to massage this or hide this from the public eye, but I’ve been saying this all along: there’s not one data point to suggest that China stabilized in June.

All these indicators that are so very relevant to monitoring the pace of global economic activity and they continue to be at their worst in June, July and even August.”

Watch the full clip above for more.

Dale: Worst Global Economic Data Of My Career - the macro show

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