Where could technology help productivity in other sectors of the stock market?

That’s a big question with a potentially generational answer that Hedgeye Demography analyst Neil Howe dug into during a recent presentation with Hedgeye Technology analyst Ami Joseph

In the clip above, Howe argues that other sectors like Industrials (XLI) and Healthcare (XLV) have seen little to no productivity growth in decades. And technology – created by public and civic-minded Millennials or younger Homelanders (aka Gen Z) – could help spark that productivity.

“Many of these sectors actually have negative productivity growth. There is so much tech could do in these more civic, social and public arenas. That’s where our economy needs help," Howe explains

“Boomers and X-ers are gridlocked, because they have this paradigm that it’s always a personal solution to everything. They can’t get together and actually solve this civic and community-level problem, because they’ve spent their lifetimes attacking community and organizations.

They need the next generation to do this. But they need ‘rules of the game’ before tech can effectively move in.”

Watch the full clip above for more.

Neil Howe: How Tech Savvy Millennials Could Help Productivity - demography unplugged