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Takeaway: Replay - Breakdown with time stamped topics

REPLAY | State of Play | Congress' Ambitious Drug Price Agenda

Healthcare & Health Policy SubscribersCLICK HERE for video & audio replays.

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On July 30, Macro Policy analyst, J.T. Taylor and I recapped the state of play for Congressional efforts to reform drug price policy in the US.

In this brief call, we went through:

Introduction:17 -2:47

Major Themes: 2:47 - 6:27

Drug Prices: 6.27 - 10:41

White House Position 10:41-12:24

CBO Scores: 12:24 - 13:15

Changes to Part D Benefit Design 13:16 - 16:15

Impact of Changes to Part D Benefit Design: 16:16-18:10

Part D Price Increase History: 18:12 - 19:07

Part B Drug Increases: 19:07-19:52

Lobbyist Positions: 19:53-22:35

What to Watch: 22:35-26:26

Comments from JT Taylor: 26:26-30:51

Q & A: 30:52-26:21

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy