PODCAST: One-On-One with Neil Howe

07/30/19 07:54AM EDT

Below is our 18th episode of In the Arena featuring world-renowned demographer Neil Howe – the guy who coined the term “millennial.” He joins host Daryl Jones in an in-depth discussion on a number of riveting topics.

 Topics include:

  • Significant generational developments and predictions  
  • Outlook for the 2020 U.S. presidential election 
  • Inversion of the yield curve
  • Artificial Intelligence  


 Neil discusses the upcoming election and reflects on why Trump won in 2016:

"Here's an interesting factoid, 12% of Bernie Sanders voters voted for Trump. We know that now. A massive survey that was done later on, which actually is very interesting and it says something about the impulse for Trump.

People voted for Trump, not because they liked him, agreed with them, but they wanted a wrecking ball. They wanted someone to shake the system up."

 Neil recommends one of his favorite books, The Blueprint by Robert Plomin and shares some parenting advice:

"...the thing that parents should do more is to keep your eyes open, watch your kid for the talents they have that you will discover. Not so much the stuff you're going to shape them to do."

You can follow Neil on Twitter @HoweGeneration.

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